The Benthic Underwater Microscope imaging-PAM (BUMP)

Sponsors: National Science Foundation

Project Overview:

Meet the BUMP!

The BUM just got upgraded!

Photosynthesis, the production of sugars from CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2O (water) using light energy and resulting in the release of O2 (oxygen), is one of the major and important processes in the ocean. Half of the Earth’s oxygen is produced in the ocean, mostly by tiny algae, either free-swimming (known as phytoplankton) or harbored as symbionts inside larger animals such as corals, clams, and worms.

The Benthic Underwater Microscope imaging-PAM (BUMP) can spatially visualize photosynthetic efficiency in marine organisms. The BUMP can image small structures such as individual cells underwater, therefore providing us the opportunity to observe fine-scale conditions and changes in organisms’ photosynthetic capacity.


  • Principal Investigator: Jules S. Jaffe
  • Principal Engineer: Paul L. D. Roberts
  • Post-Doctoral Scholar: Or Ben-Zvi
  • Additional Engineers: Pichaya Lertvilai, Devin Ratelle