MAZOOPS goes out to sea with the Cal-Echoes Cruise

Graduate students Christian Briseno and Lina Lawrence took the second version of our zooplaknton imaging sonar (MAZOOPS) out on the R/V Melville as part of the Cal-Echoes Research Program. This version of MAZOOPS provides high-resolution (~30 micron) optical images and high-frequency, broadband acoustic data from zooplankton. The system willl be used in concert with many other sampling modalities to study the animals in the water column of the Santa Barbara Basin. For more information about the research program go to:

“Enhanced extended range underwater imaging via structured illumination” published in Optics Express

Dr. Jaffe’s work investigating the use of structured illumination for extended range underwater imaging systems (Enhanced extended range underwater imaging via structured illumination) appears in Vol. 18, Issue 12 of Optics Express this month.