Unique data set collected during Recent FIDO cruise

The goal of our most recent cruise was to deploy our FIDO vehicle in various configurations to observe particle size spectra and also time varying scatter of light in the ocean.  Leaving from San Diego we over-nighted off Catalina (up and back) on the way to the Channel Islands. The cruise went extremely well.  We profiled with the FIDO – PHI configuration for 4 nights and then switched over to observe time varying scatter by suspending a small disk from FIDO with the laser incident on it from one direction and the camera imaging from the other.  We saw some amazing radial spokes of light emanating from the center of the scattered light patterns that we believe have never been seen before!!….What could they be from?  We are currently figuring out what we got, what to do with it and what it will tell us about oceanic micro structure and the propagation of light the ocean.  Stay tuned for more.