Keck In Situ Underwater Microscope

2016-03-04 17.19.10Sponsors: W. M. Keck Foundation

Project Overview:

There is a great need in microscopy and especially in situ, underwater microscopy to study behavior and interactions of organisms in a their natural fluid environment. This precludes the use of traditional microscopy techniques that prepare specimens on a slide or image z-stacks through immobilized 3D volumes. To address some of these limitations the Keck In Situ Underwater Microscope  was designed to record video of a 3D volume (a cubic centimeter for example) with sufficient resolution for taxa identification and 3D localization with resolution on the order of microns.

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Computer Vision Coral Ecology Arrival in Moorea

The CVCE dive team arrived in Moorea today with all instruments intact. After a short ferry ride from Tahiti, we got to work checking and assembling all of our camera systems which are now all up and running. Tomorrow the work begins!