Paper on the Scripps Plankton Camera published in LOM

A paper all about our very own Scripps Plankton Camera (SPC) System has just been published in Limnology and Oceanography Methods, and is now available online! This paper describes the development of all 3 components of the SPC: the underwater in-situ microscope itself, the server and database system for storing and managing the vast amounts of data collected (over 1 bilion images and counting!), and the web-based interface for browsing and annotating the data. It then details several case studies in using machine learning for automated classification of the images collected.

Paper on Prince William Sound SPC in ICES Journal of Marine Science

The latest issue of ICES Journal of Marine Science, Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Marine Science, includes an article on the Prince William Sound SPC. A modified SPC was mounted to a profiling mooring by Rob Campbell of the Prince William Sound Science Center. A subset of the millions of images collected was manually labeled and used to train a hybrid convolutional neural network classifier. The final classifier accuracy was at least 80% for each class!

SPCs Back Online

We are pleased to report that the SPCs are back online! Images can once again be browsed through the online viewer, and the site is being updated with images currently being collected on the pier. Additionally, the biofouling that had been obscuring the camera ports was cleaned in a maintenance dive last week.

SPCs Under Maintenance

The backend of the Scripps Plankton Camera System is currently undergoing some much needed upgrades and revitalization. Sadly, this means that the plankton viewer is down until the work is completed. Rest assured, the data is still there and will be accessible again soon!

Squid Pro Quo

Jules recently gave a talk at the Birch Acquarium as part of their Jeffrey B. Graham Perspectives on Ocean Sicence Lecture Series. In case you missed out on attending the lecture in-person, it is now available online. Take a look at this humorous and informative talk here!