Open Source Nano AUV

auvprojectsSponsors: Jaffe Laboratory for Underwater Imaging and UCSD Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Project Overview:

This project aims to design and build small (around 1 liter volume) inexpensive open source AUVs that can be easily constructed by hobbyists, students, educators, and scientists. The first incarnation of this project consisted of two teams from UCSD MAE who developed different interpretations of a compact (less than 8 L volume) AUVs. One was inspired by a quad copter and the other by a jellyfish.

General Information:

The AUVs are designed and built to be easy to replicate using off-the-shelf or 3D printed parts. They are low-cost (~$500) and include a video camera, simple motion tracking and control software and are designed to be generally quiet so as to minimally disturb the environment.


Quad Copter Team: Samuel Bartell, Janelle Dueñas, Steve Guerin, and Matthew Pearson

Final Poster Team 13

Final Report Team 13


Jellyfish Team: Ciara Dooley, Damian Gonzalez, Michael Kelleghan, and Trevor Murphy

Poster Draft 29.5.16